Ed Bogdonas

For Ed Bogdonas, it begins with serving the music. His smooth drum and vocal style lends itself well to everything from jazz to rock, making it easy for him to collaborate with talented musicians from all genres of music. A seasoned and well-respected professional for over 30 years, Ed has worked such talented groups as "Tabby and Company" and "Men of Our Times" and has performed with popular local artists such as Trish Driscoll, Harlan Jefferson, Rob Tomaro, Steve Bogdonas, Rick Burns, Al Feeney, Guy Fiorenza and many others. Ed even had the honor of performing with Cheap Trick at their 25th Anniversary concert at Rockford's Davis Park, which was later released on both CD and DVD.  He has served as producer, arranger and performer on several local recording projects, collaborating with some of the area's best talent.  Eddie B Jazz  is a collaboration with David Timmcke on bass that creates a showcase of incredible musicians spotlighting various featured artists. His latest project, Eddie B Smooth, features the area's top R&B players,  delivering smooth jazz and classic hits from Grover Washington to George Benson to Stevie Ray Vaughn!

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